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Dolphin Browser HD is updated for Samsung Galaxy S / Tab / Player 50

Dolphin Browser HD, one of the best web browser for Android, is updated to version 4.5.0 for our Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy 3, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player 50 or any device with Android 2.1 or higher, with major improvements, particularly in terms of high definition and Hardware Acceleration on tablets.


  1. Improved stability
  2. A bunch of bug fixes on Xoom
  3. Add 10 more actions to Gesture & animation in Gesture list
  4. Refine interface of bookmarks side bar & bookmarks folder page
  5. Refine interface of Settings page and adjust options’ order
  6. Update select text: add magnifier & translation feature
  7. Update Dolphin Translate add-on
  8. Add action when long pressing blank area in webpage
  9. Add Hardware Acceleration support for Android 3.0 device

You can download Dolphin Browser HD and Mini for free from Android Market or from the link below:
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