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Deprofundis for Android, game for lovers of Diablo

Deprofundis for Android is a real Diablo game for mobile devices in a real hack’n slash on Android. Fight hordes of monsters and zombies, get treasures and learn powerful spells as you walk through a landscape with labyrinthine dungeons with a mythical unnamed character will fight an evil presence that is bringing the kingdom of darkness.


Now in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Please, mail me if there is some translation error!

Ever wanted to play a true hack’n slash on Android ? Come and venture in the deep dungeon of DeProfundis.

Fight you way thru horde of monsters and zombies. Grab loot and learn powerful spells in the torch light of the random selected labyrinths.

As the guard’s captain of your land, you must discover what happened to your king and free your country from the evil presence who awakes the deads and force them to fight the livings.
DeProfundis features :
– 3 environments.
– 4 skilltree to fight your way : elementalist, warrior, ritualist and void mage.
– Tons of rand generated stuff.
– 13 randomly selected levels to makes your adventure always different.
– 3 game modes and an hardcore “instant death” mode for premium users.
– 3 levels of equipment, find mythic gold items to unleash your power.
– Cloud save of your character to bring it on another device

DeProfundis is free and ad supported and contains optionnal IAP.

You dont need an active internet connection to play DeProfondis, it i only required to create an account or cloud save your character.

More to come :
– Destructable barrels
– Random gates to bonus levels with exclusive boss
– 2 Hands weapons
– Magic weapons with charge
– Named Unique items
– Named Set stuff
– Item durability
– More playable character

DeProfundis for Android in action:

DeProfundis for Android is available  for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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