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Daredogs for Samsung, a very fun and solidarity game

Daredogs for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S, Note, Tab, Ace, Mini, Nexus or any other Samsung device with Android, is a fun and simple game, tutorial includes, where the hero dog Bravos father was a legend of a Daredogs pilot, battling it out up in the air, in 4 different game modes: Race, Dog fight, Capture the Bone, Pirate heist and Bossfights.

In addition, Daredogs for Samsung is a solidarity game, with the help also contribute to a good cause, which according to its developers:

We will give away 10% of our income to chosen dog shelters and other pet based charities. Should we breach the 5 million download mark, we will bump that up to 20%! Visit for more information.

Features of Daredogs for Samsung:

  • 4 different air game modes
  • 4 different playable dog characters
  • Too many unique weapons to count on your hands!
  • 25 unique tournament opponents to shoot down!
  • 7 unique tournament bosses to challenge!
  • Newscast
  • Bashing between characters and opponents

Daredogs for Samsung in action:

Daredogs for Samsung is available  for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play