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Cosmic Colony for Samsung Galaxy S2 / Tab / Nexus / Note

Cosmic Colony for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S, Note, Tab, Ace, Mini, Nexus or any other Samsung device with Android, the latest of Gameloft, a game that is very reminiscent of Kingdoms & Lords, but here we are in the creating a space colony, managing it and defending it, rather than in the Middle Ages.

The main features of Cosmic Colony for Samsung Galaxy are:

  • Create and expand your space-age settlement
  • Complete many missions and manage resources to make your people happy and your colony prosperous
  • Explore space and seek out planets in your search for artifacts
  • Discover enigmatic landmarks all over the planet
  • Fight off space pirate invasions in a fun mini-game
  • Face unexpected events, like falling meteorites
  • Interact with friends, visit their colonies and boost each other’s reputations in a great social experience!

Cosmic Colony for Samsung Galaxy in action:

Cosmic Colony for Samsung Galaxy is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | Cosmic Colony for Samsung Galaxy