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Compass for Android

Compass for Android is the most popular compass in Google Play, with different designs, visualization of the location and integration of Catch Notes program for easy notes on the position and with location display and geo-tagged notes.


  • Save your favorite places (home, work place, school, restaurant, shops, etc.) or even your car location. Navigate back to them later with Google Navigation.
  • Capture and view your location-based notes in your area using the free Catch app.
  • Compass is a free app that includes 4 basic compass types
    1. Vintage. Antique dial, direction names adjust for user’s language.
    2. Digital. Outer dial can be manually rotated, green inner dial shows direction name in user’s language, crisp pointer movement with no overshoot.
    3. GPS. Red section shows magnetic compass information including direction, magnetic field strength and declination. Green sections show GPS-based information including direction of movement, speed, altitude, and accuracy estimate. Pitch and roll indicators.
    4. NightVision. Red outline on black styling for easy reading in low-light conditions.

Compass for Android is available free at Google Play.

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