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Cinemagram for Android Now Available on Google Play

April 11, 2013

Cinemagram for Android is now available on Google Play. This is an application, rather a social network, with which we can create and share short videos, only 4 seconds, we might call a kind of Instagram but with animated GIFs. The only downside is that for now only available for devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

Cinemagram android Cinemagram for Android Now Available on Google Play

Cinemagram is a place to create and share beautiful, short videos.
Find out why millions of users love and use Cinemagram!

★ Free unlimited uploads
★ Instantly Share GIFs to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
★ Special effects – Stunning video filters, speed,and looping to create movie-like visual effects.
★ Artistic Cinemagraphs – Create magical hybrids between photo & video.
★ Direct Messaging
★ Interact with your friends’ posts with likes, reposts, and comments.
★ Explore and discover great content through hashtags, categories and trending posts.
★ And so much more!

Three Easy Steps:
1 – Record a short looping 4s video
2 – Apply awesome special effects
3 – Instantly Share to Facebook, Twitter
4.- Share GIFS to Tumblr

Cinemagram for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Deownload | Google Play

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