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Barcode Scanner for Samsung Galaxy S / U / 580 / Player 50 / Tab

With the Barcode Scanner application for our Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy U, Galaxy 580, Galaxy Player 50, Galaxy Tab or any Android device, we can read bar codes in 2D and the QR codes increasingly used.

As you may have noticed, QR codes are used enough to download some applications, and as here we’re going to use it much, it is recommended that you download and install it. In this video we watch how it works

Also we can generate QR codes of our contacts to another people can scan the code and add the contact. Press the Menu> Show bar code when we’re viewing a contact in our address book.

This application must be in all Samsung Galaxy, so we wanted to start with this application icon wink Barcode Scanner for HTC Magic / Hero / Tatto / Legend / Desire / Nexus One .

Barcode Scanner is available in Android Market.