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Android Assistant for HTC Wildfire / Desire HD | Z / Legend

Android Assistant is an application for our HTC Wildfire, Legend, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, Hero, Evo, Nexus One or any Android device, with which we can manage all tasks and processes running on our device.

Assistant Android has 12 functions that can help us to can kill process, free memory, speed up the phones running speed, save power, to help our phone more efficient, stable work.

Top 12 functions:

  1. Monitoring status(cpu, memory, battery)
  2. Process Manager(#Can distinguish different types of processes, to avoid manslaughter, #Quick Boost and Auto Boost can be intelligent to kill useless process, #Ignore list to filter apps)
  3. Startup Manager(kill useless apps in the startup, to free memory, speed up the phones running speed, save power)
  4. Startup time(Can analyze system loading time and third-party apps loading time)
  5. Startup Silent(mute on startup and shutdown, so as not to disturb others)
  6. Batch Uninstall(easy to uninstall the apps)
  7. Volume Control(easy to set different types of volume)
  8. Ringer(easy to set the Ringer mode)
  9. Battery use(View the application’s battery use, Easy to find large power apps)
  10. Save Battery Settings(Turn off bluetooth, wifi, gps, auto-sync, orientation, haptic feedback, brightness, outtime to save power)
  11. Cache Cleaner(easy to remove cache files)
  12. File Manager(browse SDCard, rename, delete, cut, details, search, new file, new folder,view files)

You can download Android Assistant for free from Android Market or from the link below:

To learn more about QR codes, click here.