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AirAttack HD for Samsung Galaxy S / Tab / Player 50

AirAttack HD is a combat aircraft game for our Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player 50 or any device with Android 2.1 or higher, where everything is impressive, its gameplay, its 3D graphics and even the soundtrack and sound effects.

The style of the game is simple and easy, but requires some skill to kill all enemies and avoiding enemy fire.


  • 2 Great Missions
  • 16 Different Enemy Types
  • 2 Unique Planes
  • Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons
  • Amazing Lighting and Special Effects
  • Orchestral Music
  • 3 Difficulty Modes
  • Realtime Physics
  • Destructible Bridges and Buildings
  • Shmup with Amazing 3D environments enhanced with LightMaps and SpecularMaps
  • 2 Huge End Level Bosses
  • 4 Control Types: Touch, Relative, Tilt, Joypad

AirAttack HD is available free in the Android Market or from the link below:
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