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Adobe Reader for HTC Trophy / Mozart / HD7

Adobe Reader, the application to interact and view PDF documents, available HTC 7 Trophy, Mozart, HD7 or any other Windows Phone 7 device. With Adobe Reader we can open PDF files from email, the Web and devices.

Supports the widest range of PDF specifications, and offers Multi Touch zoom to improve the legibility of PDF in portrait and landscape views.

Adobe Reader is available free at the MarketPlace.

MarketPlace | Adobe Reader

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What does this do

Thanks very much.

One left is missing… HOW CAN I SAVE PDF IN THE PHONE?????


the adobe reader can only open and read the pdf. but it cannot make u jump directly to the desired page. i have to flip 1000 times if i want to get to the 1000th page. it’s ridiculous and frustrating!! please upgrade the version!

It is faster to save my pdf file in my phone rather in It’s takes time to open pdf file from from my phone. Or……. do you have other alternative way to open & read my pdf file from my HD7 phone in faster way?

Is it possible to sync PDF file with pc!!!!?

how to sync PDF file from pc to htc7 mozart?

How can I access market place in South Africa, I am struggling with my HTC trophy.