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adidas miCoach for LG Optimus ONE / ME / black / 2X / CHIC / GT540

adidas miCoach is the application that will turn our LG Optimus ONE, Optimus ME, Optimus black, Optimus 2X, Optimus CHIC, Optimus GT540 or any device with Android 2.1 or higher, into our personal coach. It uses GPS and real-time voice coaching in your ear to pace you through easy to understand workout zones as you run.

Choose a training plan tuned for your sport to build speed and endurance. Track and share your achievements with the app or at


  • Syncs to to save and view detailed analysis of your workouts.
  • Measures your distance, pace, calories burned, and elapsed time.
  • Get daily planned workouts and coaching feedback delivered to your phone.
  • Outdoor/indoor workout modes.
  • Easy access to your music during your workout.
  • Tracks your shoe usage with wear alerts.
  • Highly customizable audible alerts.

Androidify is available free in the Android Market or from the link below:
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