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360 Panorama for Android

If you like photography, 360 Panorama is an application that can not miss on your Android device. With this application we can take panoramas in realtime and share in our social networks.

Some features:

  • Unbeatable speed: Taps into the raw power of your device to stitch panoramas in realtime.
  • Never forget a location: Every panorama is GPS tagged, complete with a compass heading.
  • Share online: Uploaded panoramas can be viewed on any computer or device. App not required!
  • Post on Facebook: Post 360 views on your wall or send to a photo album — all from the app.
  • Tweet in 360: Share jaw-dropping scenes your friends can view anywhere, even inside their Twitter app.
  • Email 360 views: Say “wish you were here” in a whole new way.
  • Free and safe panorama storage online: Upload panoramas to your Occipital account for access from any desktop or mobile browser.
  • Automatic quality boost: Cloud enhancement automatically retouches your panoramas over time!
  • Join the community: Help build a world of panoramas for everyone to enjoy on
  • Share and embed: Sharing is just as easy as in-app. Plus, you can even embed panoramas into your website or blog.

In action:

360 Panorama is available at Android Market for just 0,79 euros.

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